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TFG Lending takes a comprehensive approach to create custom solutions. Our team analyzes your business with an inclusive range of factors like growth projections and debt in lieu of equity to calculate an TFG Credit Score. Using this score, we outline the best possible financing options that align with your needs and objectives.

Our unique strategy equips your company for the present, while also preparing for the future. To learn more about your TFG Credit Score, what it means, and how we can use it to achieve your business goals, connect with one of our experts today.

Our proprietary technology enables us to make quick, accurate, and transparent decisions that culminate in a superior customer experience from beginning to end. Unlike competing lenders that offer limited options with extremely delayed processing times, we can deliver flexible loans of up to $20M in under 30 days.

With nearly 50 different types of financing options in the marketplace, it is difficult to decipher what selection is right for you. More often than not, other lenders confine you to a loan type or structure that is not ideal for you because they lack the ability to underwrite for a broad enough range of scenarios and opportunities. Our team prioritizes your best interest by considering all the individual aspects of your business to devise an answer that is progressive and dynamic.

No matter what you are looking for, from purchase order financing to working capital loans to refinancing and much more, TFG Lending has a solution that works for you.

Growth Capital

Providing funding for your long term business plans.

The hefty price of sustaining daily operations and managing cyclical expenses should not get in the way of the long-term endeavors you have planned for your company.

Whether you want to launch a new product or increase your payroll, TFG Lending offers growth capital financing that keeps your revenue streams intact as you pursue your development objectives. Separating your growth capital from your working capital keeps your cash flow steady, so you can seize opportunities you would not have otherwise. 

Expansion & Acquisition

Funding your expansion and business verticals.

Investing in your company’s future while maintaining daily operations is costly, so TFG Lending is here to help enlarge your business without jeopardizing your cash flow.

With our expansion loans, you can finance a new location, hire additional employees, or purchase new inventory. You could also acquire other businesses to boost your portfolio. When expanding, companies often undergo drastic changes, so we stay ahead of the curve by preparing you for any financial situation you may face. 

Inventory Financing

Get funds to stock your inventory and provide value for your customers

The livelihood of your business depends on your ability to keep your shelves stocked and your customers satisfied, but how can you buy the products necessary before gaining the capital from selling them, especially if your company experiences seasonal fluctuations or unexpected growth?

TFG Lending offers inventory financing to purchase the products you need upfront, so you can be ready for any oscillation in your cash flow. To offset seasonal operations, our loans  allow you to stock up in anticipation of busier months. We can also help you preserve existing inventory as you work to expand your company without compromising current profits.

Purchase Order Refinance

Access short term loans to fund order fulfillment

If your company experiences heavy seasonal fluctuation or sudden growth, you may encounter a shortage in cash flow that prevents you from completing a large order or multiple orders at once.

Purchase order financing covers the upfront costs of a verified purchase order for when you lack sufficient funding to fulfill it. Instead of turning down customers, you can use purchase order financing to secure and deliver goods in a timely manner. In turn, your operations flourish as your performance capacity increases, producing stronger long-term yield. TFG Lending helps bridge this gap in working capital to meet the urgent needs of your business.


Reducing your monthly payment frees up working capital to fund operations

To optimize your current debt, TFG Lending can configure a refinancing solution that replaces your existing loan with a new one that bears more favorable terms.

By refinancing, you can obtain lower interest rates and improved term lengths that make repayment more manageable and ease the burden on cash flow.

For a company with debt, refinancing is a crucial step in enhancing future prospects. Whatever your financial goals are, we personalize your options to move your business forward.

Management Buyouts

Maximize the potential of your business using this finance offer

When you and your management team are ready for a buyout, TFG Lending is here to help facilitate a smooth transition of ownership for your prospective company.

Management buyouts typically require a pool of financial resources to complete, and our loans can support such an ambitious endeavor. By buying out your company, you can privatize the enterprise and bolster overall profits.

The management buyout process is typically very time-sensitive and demanding, so we work to deliver up to $20M in under 30 days. 

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No matter what you are looking for, from purchase order financing to working capital loans to refinancing and much more, TFG Lending has a solution that works for you.

Flexible Payback Schedule

Not all businesses are the same, why should your payment schedule options be?

Acts Like a Revolving Line of Credit

Draw against your repaid principal, without changing periodic payment amount. Terms and conditions apply.

Rebate for Prepayment on Loans

On every loan, we offer prepayment rebates. Terms and conditions apply.